MF Urnes

90 pax / 11 cars

Lounge with seating under car deck

Available for charter outside of fixed schedule

MS Rasvåg

43 pax

Sun deck and lounge below deck

Available for charter

Klipperfjord 1

MS Klipperfjord 1

100 pax

Sun deck, sheltered deck and passenger space fwd

Two lounges and cafeteria

MF Lustrafjord

MF Lustrafjord

244 pax / 21 cars

Spacious sun deck, large sheltered deck, lounge with cafeteria above car deck, lounge beneath car deck

Available 16.oktober-31.mars

MS Fjærlandsfjord

MS Fjærlandsfjord

150 pax

Large sun deck, two lounges, cafeteria

Available for charter


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